As I previously stated, the most common speculation among researchers of this mystery is that Sauniere discovered a valuable treasure, perhaps proof of a secret that enabled him to blackmail the Catholic Church, or other people in positions of power. This, they think, is how he acquired his riches. These same people also tend to think that Sauniere’s decoration of his church was an attempt to communicate this secret to others. The results of my own investigation do indicate that Sauniere found a treasure beneath the ground at Rennes-le-Chateau. But I do not believe that he sold it to anybody, or used it to blackmail anyone. The treasure which I think he probably found is one so valuable that selling it would have been foolish. So too would it have been foolish to tell anyone else about the treasure who did not already know. The treasure in question is most valuable when kept secret from all but the elect few. I the hands of the right person, this treasure could be a source of power so great that worldly riches would seem but a trifle to him who was able to use it.

To understand the nature of this treasure, we will have to delve deeply into the ancient beliefs held by the secret societies whose fingerprints can be found on every aspect of this mystery. We will have to learn what occult ritual magic is actually all about. But first, we will have to identify the groups involved, and here we are not limited to the Priory of Sion alone. In fact, the Priory seems to be merely a puppet in the hands of a much more powerful unseen master.