All the while the Spirit is with you, you will be able to ask it anything about art, or science, or whatever else you wish. It will immediately give you a precise response. You may also ask of it if it knows of any hidden treasure. It will tell you the place and the time convenient to its removal, and will arrive there with his or her companions to defend you against the attentions of those infernal Spirits who may be in possession. Upon leaving you, it will give you a ring which, placed on your finger, will make you lucky at play.

If the said ring is placed on the finger of a young woman or girl, they will be yours at once.

Note: it is necessary to leave a window open, so that this person may enter. You may repeat the same operation as many times as you wish.


This operation, of a marvelous power, summons superior intelligences.

It is necessary to observe, from the first quarter to the waning of the moon, a very brilliant star between the hours of eleven o’clock and midnight. Before beginning the operation, take virgin parchment on which you will draw the following figure:


Fig. 13

At the inner circle, where it is marked N.N., write the name of him or her you wish to make come.

On the other side of the parchment, write these words: Machidael Barefchas. Then place the parchment on the ground, the names facedown, your right foot on top and your left knee on the ground. Having in your right hand a candle made of white wax that can last one hour, look at the very brilliant star and say the following formula:


I salute you, and conjure you, O beautiful Moon and beautiful star, as well as the shining light I have in my hand, by the breath that is in me, and by the earth that I touch. I conjure you, by all the names of the Spirit Princes who preside over you, by the ineffable name On, that created everything, by his beautiful angel Gabriel with the prince Mercury, Michael and Mekhidael. I conjure you again by all the names of God: that you will send to obsess, torment, and harass the body, spirit, soul and the five senses of N. whose name is written on the parchment so that she comes to me and carries out my will, that she has no friendship for anyone in the world, particularly for N. as long as she remains indifferent to me. She shall not endure. She will be obsessed, she will suffer and be tormented. Go, now, immediately Melchidael, Bareschas, Zazel, Tiriel, Malcha and all those who are under your command. I conjure you, by the great living God, to send her immediately to accomplish my will. Me, N., I promise to satisfy you.

Having said this conjuration three times, place the candle on the parchment and let it burn down. The next day, take the parchment and put it in your left shoe. Leave it there until the person for

whom you performed the operation comes to find you. It is necessary, in the conjuration, to specify the day you wish her to come, and she will not fail to do so.


On the eve of St. Peter’s Day, before the sun rises, pick the herb called Morsus Diaboli.[4] Place it on the altar stone for one day, then dry it, powder it, and carry it with you.

Fig. 14

Before you pick the herb, it is necessary to make, on parchment, the half-circle shown above, with the names Agla, Adonay, Jehova and all the crosses marked.


With a piece of coal, make on the fireplace the following characters and words and say three times the words: In Hoc Vincit Adonay.

Fig. 15


One begins this operation on a Wednesday, before sunrise, being furnished with seven black beans and a skull; place one bean in the mouth, two others in the nose, two others in the eyes, and two more in the ears: one then makes, on the skull, the two small pentacles that follow:

Fig. 16

Then, bury the skull facing the sky. During the nine following days, water the skull with an excellent brandy in the morning before sunrise.

The eighth day, you will find there a Spirit who will ask you: What are you doing? You will answer him: I’m watering my plant. He will say to you: Give me the bottle, I will water it myself.

You will answer him by saying you do not wish to. He will ask again; you will refuse him until, extending his hand, you will see hanging from his fingers a figure identical to the one you made on the head. You may now be assured that this is really the spirit of the head: because another would have taken you by surprise. In that case, you would have come to harm and your operation would be fruitless.

When you have given your phial to the invoked Spirit, he will water [the head] himself and you may depart.

The next day, which is the ninth day, you will return. You will find your beans ripe. Take them. Put one in your mouth, and then look at yourself in the mirror. If you do not see yourself, then all is well. Do the same with the rest. You may also test them in the mouth of a child. Those that do nothing must be buried with the skull.


Tear out a hair, with its root, from a mare in heat, the closest to its nature,8 saying, Dragne, Dragne, Dragne. Put the hair in a safe place; then go to buy, without haggling, a pot of new clay having a lid. Return home. Fill the pot with water from a spring, two fingers below the top; put the hair in it, cover the pot, place it somewhere neither you nor anyone else can see it, otherwise there is danger.

Nine days having been completed and at the same hour that you hid it, find the pot. You will see in its interior a small animal like a serpent. It will rise up. Say to it, at once, I accept the pact.

This done, put it into a new box that you bought, without haggling, for the purpose. Put in it wheat bran, nothing else, every day. It is not necessary to give him anything else. When you wish to obtain silver or gold, put one or the other in the box, as much as you would wish to have, and go to sleep in your bed, putting the box next to you. Sleep, if you wish, three or four hours. The time having passed, you will find double the quantity of silver or gold that you already had, but be sure to leave the original amount in the box.


The assumption is that this phrase means “close to its private parts.”

Note this: the first figure, in the form of a serpent, is only as strong as the charm; so, you should not put more than £100 at a time in the box. However, should your natal planet give you power over natural things, the serpent will present itself with a face approaching that of a human being. In that case, you may put up to £1,000 in the box each day and you will receive double.

Fig. 17

To undo the operation, give it to whom you wish, providing that he will accept it, putting the creature in the box with a cross, and on a line drawn on virgin parchment. Or, again, in place of the quantity of wheat that you usually give it, give it instead some of the flour over which a priest has said his first Mass and it will die. Above all, do not omit anything, for this affair is nothing to laugh at.


Leave your house, fasting; walk to your left until you encounter a merchant of ribbons; buy a white one; pay the sum that he asks, drop a penny in the shop, then return to your home by the same path.

The next day, do the same, until you have found a seller of feathers. Buy one that has been cut for writing. As soon as you have returned home write, with your own blood on the ribbon, the characters of the first line of the design here below. You will now have the right garter. The inscriptions of the second line are for the left garter.

Fig. 18

The third day, leave carrying your ribbon and your feather. Walk to the left, until you find a pastry shop or a baker; buy a cake or bread for two cents; proceed to the first cabaret you see, ask for a half-pint of wine, first making the same person rinse the glass three times, and break the cake or bread into three pieces; put the three pieces in the glass with the wine; remove the first piece and throw it under the table; without looking at it, saying “Irly”; then, take the second piece and throw it, saying “Terly.” On the other side of the garter write the name of these two spirits with your blood; throw the third piece, saying “Erly”; throw away the feather, drink the wine without eating, pay and leave. Being outside the town, put on your garters; pay close attention and do not err: do not put on your left the garter that is for your right; stamp your foot three times on the ground, saying the names of the Spirits Irly, Terly, Erly, then “Balthazard, Melchior, Gaspard, let’s go.” Make your trip.

The operation is finished.


Take holy water on Easter Day and some pure wheaten flour; make into a paste. Then, find someone who has died a violent death, a hanged man or someone executed; approach as close as you can and, without speaking, touch it with your paste and it will defend you against all sorts of weapons. Return home, make small balls of the paste; wrap them in white paper on which you have written the following: 1.u,n., 1..a.Fau, 1.Moot, et Dorhort. Amen. Swallow the balls.

In making the balls, it is necessary to recite five Our Fathers and five Hail Marys.

Note: the number of the balls is not determined. In addition, one may write the characters of the preceding secret on a piece of the virgin parchment, torn into as many pieces as there were balls. In the course of the conjuration, the patient must pronounce his baptismal name.


Take paper, make a hole in it, look through it in the direction of the rising sun, saying:

I conjure you, solar Spirit, on behalf of the great living God, that you will let me see N. [say the name of the person of whom you are thinking]; then, you will continue thus: Anima mea turbata est valde; sed tu Domine, usquequo.

Repeat the formula three times.


To force someone to come to you, pronounce the following incantation:

Firewood, burn the heart, the body, the soul, the blood, the spirit, the consciousness of N., by the fire, by the heavens, by the earth, by the rainbow, by Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Feppe, Feppe, Feppe, Elera, and in the name of all the Devils. Firewood, possess, burn the heart, the body, the soul, the blood, the spirit, the consciousness of N., until he comes to fulfill my desires and my wishes. Go in thunder and in ashes, go in tempest, Santos, Quisor, Carracos, Arne, Tourne. That he may not sleep, nor rest, nor do anything, nor eat, nor cross a river, mount a horse, nor speak to any man, woman or child until he comes to fulfill my desires and my wishes.


On virgin parchment write, with the blood of a bat, the characters of the following figure, then place the pentacle on the altar stone over

which a Mass will be said.9


Yet another indication this is for a priest, or for someone on very good terms with one.


Fig. 19

After which, when you wish to use it, place this occult design under the threshold of a door over which she must pass. As soon as she passes over it, you will see her enter in a fury, throwing off her clothes and becoming completely nude.

If you do not remove the design, she will dance unto death, making such grimaces and contortions that will arouse more pity than desire.


THAT WHICH YOU WISH TO KNOW, WHETHER OF THE PAST OR THE FUTURE You will use the following magical figure:




Fig. 20

The two N.N.’s that you see in the inner circle indicate the place where you inscribe your name.

To have knowledge of that which you desire, write on virgin parchment the words inscribed between the two circles, then say three times the following Oration:

Glorious name of the living God before whom all times and all things are present, I who am your servant N. [say your name], Eternal Father, pray you to send me the Angels whose names are written in the circle, that they may show me that which I am curious to know and learn, by Jesus Christ Our Lord. So be it.

The Oration finished, go to bed and place the pentacle under your right ear. Then, during the night, you will obtain in a dream that which you desire.


Go to a cemetery, remove some nails from an old coffin, saying: Nail, I take you so that you will serve me to turn away from me all evil actions, and to do evil to all persons that I wish, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

When you wish to use it, find, in the earth, a footprint and trace on it the following characters:


Fig. 21

Fix the nail to the center of the inside triangle, saying the Pater Noster up to the phrase “In terra.” Hammer the nail with a rock, saying: Cause evil to N. until I remove you. Cover the spot with a little dust and remember it well, for one may not remove the evil that it causes except by removing the nail and saying: I remove you, so that the evil that you have caused to N. shall cease, in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.