Fig. 2

Circles and Conjurations for Each Day of the Week to Various Spirits


This experiment is performed at night on Monday from 11:00 p.m. to midnight and from 3:00 to 4:00 a.m.

The Circle is traced on the earth with charcoal of blessed willow, or with coals, with the words that appear about it. It is necessary to have a mouse to give it [the spirit].

The operator must have a stole and holy water.5 The conjuration is pronounced in an energetic tone, as would a master address a servant, ready to utter every kind of menace. Before beginning any conjuration, one must take great care in making the Circle and censing it.

The preparations having been observed, the following conjuration is pronounced:

I conjure you, Lucifer, by the living God +, by the true God +, by the Holy God +, by the God who spoke and everything was created.

I conjure you by the ineffable names of God: Alpha and Omega, El, Eloy, Elion, Ya, Saday, Lux, Omogie Rex Salus o Adonay, Emmanuel, Messias.

I adjure you, exorcise and conjure you by the names here declared, by the letters YVEL and by the names Geary, Iol, Iel, Agla, Eizazeris, Oris-


Once again, this is obviously directed towards a priest.

ton, Arphetice iphaton, Gesmon yegeron, Isilion, Agiron, Egia, Sperato, Smagon, Anol, Genaton, Sothee, Tetragrammaton, Puermaton, Tionem pengaron, Yraras, Yaras, Ton tolaton on chiros iron voy pheron, Simulaton penta rinum masone.

And by the ineffable names of God Gabin, Gauldanum, in godon, o bei Englabas that you come or send to me N. . . . in fair human form, without harm or deformity, to reveal to me the precise truth concerning all that I shall ask you, without being able in any way of harming me either in body or soul.


Fig. 3


This experiment takes place at night, between nine and ten o’clock. To be raised in honor and dignity it is necessary to give the Spirit, once it appears, the first stone that you find. For other observations, one proceeds after the same fashion as for Monday.

Being prepared, say the following conjuration:

I conjure you Nambrot and command you by all the names by which you may be constrained and bound, and by the strength and virtue of the Pentacle of Solomon and by the Chaldaen and celestial conjurations of confusion and malediction.

If you do not obey my command and refuse to accomplish my desires your pain and torment will be increased, day by day.



Fig. 4


This experiment is to take place at night, from ten o’clock until eleven. To obtain the good graces of the kings, princes, and powers of the earth, it is necessary to give the Spirit a pile of gold. The Spirit will appear, then, in the appearance of a King.

The preparations being complete, say:

I conjure you, wicked spirit Astarot, by the words and by the all-powerful God and by Jesus Christ of Nazareth to whom all elements submit, who was conceived of the Virgin Mary by the agency of the Archangel Gabriel.

I exorcise you, anew, in the name of the Father +, and of the Son +, and of the Holy Spirit +, in the name of the glorious Trinity in honor of which all the archangels, thrones, dominions, powers, patriarchies, prophets, evangelists, sing without cease: Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts, who was, who is, and who is to come like a flame of burning fire; I conjure you, now, Astarot, that you obey my commands and not refuse to come. I command you by He who will come, aflame, to judge the living and the dead, to whom is the honor, praise and glory. Come, I say, give homage to the true God, to the living God and to all his creations. Do not fail to obey


me and render honor to the Holy Spirit, for it is in His name that I command you.



Fig. 5


This experiment is done at night as well, between three and four o’clock in the morning. The Spirit appears in the form of a King. It is necessary to give him a little bread if you wish him to speak. He makes man fortunate above all in the possession of treasures.

One says this conjuration:

I conjure you, Acham, by the image and likeness of Our Lord Jesus Christ who, by his death and passion, redeemed the human race.

I wish, by his providence, that you are here at once.

I command you by the Kingdom of God +

Agis + I adjure you and constrain you by his Name and by the name of Him who tread upon the viper and the basilisk, who crushed the lion and the dragon, I adjure you and constrain you that you obey me and execute all my commands. i ..




Fig. 6


This invocation is performed at night between eleven o’clock and midnight. One will hand over a walnut.


The preparations having been strenuously observed, the following conjuration is pronounced:

I conjure you Bechet and force you to come to me. I conjure you again by the most holy names of God: Eloy + Asinay + Eloy + Agla + Lamasabathani which are written in Hebrew, in Greek, in Latin, and by all the names stated in this book and by He who banished you from the heights of heaven.

I conjure and command you, by the virtue of the holy Eucharist of Jesus Christ that redeemed men from their sins that, without delay, you come without any injury to my body or soul, without harm to my book nor to anything which I have here before you, and that you fulfill all my commandments.


Fig. 7


This experiment is done at night between eleven o’clock and midnight. As soon as the Spirit appears, give him some grilled bread and ask of him what you will.

This is the text of the conjuration to force him to obey you:

I conjure you Nebirots, in the name of Satan and Beelzebub, in the name of Astarot and all the other Spirits, that you come before me. Come now, for I command you in the name of the most holy Trinity. I wish that you come without delay and without harm either to my body or to my soul, without damage to my books nor anything else I have with me. Again, I command you to appear without delay or to send me another spirit as powerful as you, who will accomplish equally all my commandments and who will submit to my will. He whom you will send, if you do not come yourself, must not leave without my permission before having fulfilled all that I will ask of him.


N eh-rots


Fig. 8


This experiment is to take place at night, between midnight and one o’clock. Once it appears, it will ask for one of your horses. Give him, instead, a hair of a deceitful animal, like a fox. It will be obliged to accept it. This is to discover hidden treasures and for whatever else you will desire.



Fig. 9

Conjuration to say:

I conjure you, Acquiot, by all the names that, promptly, you will come here ready to listen to me or send another Spirit who will bring me a stone, thanks to which I will not be seen by anyone while I carry it. I conjure you once more that you submit to all that I command you, without injury to my body or soul.

Come now, and obey me, as soon as you know the conditions under which I will deal with you, or send me another Spirit to execute my will precisely, and above all to enable me to discover a treasure that I may afterwards enjoy peacefully.

The following conjuration may be said any day, at any hour, day or night:



This conjuration enables one to discover treasures that have been hidden either by men or by spirits. It enables one to find them and to carry them off.

Here is the figure of the Circle that must be traced on the ground before the evocation. One stands in the center:

Fig. 10

This having been done precisely, pronounce the following conjuration:

I conjure you, Demons, that reside in this place, or in whatever part of the world that you may be according to the power that was given to you by God, and the Holy Angels, in the principality of the Abyss; I conjure all of you, both in general and in particular, by the power of God the Father +, by the wisdom of the Son +, by the virtue of the Holy Spirit +, and by the authority given to me by Our Lord Jesus Christ Crucified, son of the All-Powerful God, Creator of heaven and earth, Who created us, you and me, from nothing, as well as all creatures and Who, by His passion, saw to it that you no longer have the power to inhabit this place nor to keep the treasures.

I conjure, constrain, and command you, whether you will or no, without any trickery, to reveal to me where the treasures are that you have carried off and, by the same authority and by the merit of the most holy and blessed Virgin Mary and by that of all the Saints, I drive you out, accursed Spirits, and send you to the eternal fire prepared for you. If you are rebellious and disobedient, I strongly order the Devils to torment you.

Finally, by the holy names of God Hee + Lahie + Loyon + Hela + Sebaoth + Cheboin + Lodicha + Adonay + Jehova + Ysa + Tetragrammaton + Saday + Messias + Agios + Ischiros + Otheos + Athanatos + Sother + Emmanuel + Agla + Jesus + who is Alpha + and Omega +, the beginning and the end, that they shall subject you to extreme torment and chain you to the darkest and


deepest place on earth where there is unbearable pain justly meted out to punish you for your disobedience to my wishes. Finally, I pray Michael the Angel to send you to the darkest infernal abyss.

In the name of the Father + and of the Son + and of the Holy Spirit +. Amen.

Fig. 11[3]

Another conjuration:

I conjure you all, demons, to depart from here by my word and by everything that I’ve said before and to refrain from causing me fear, dread, terror or shock, nor to attack any creature of God, present or residing here.

I conjure you again to depart without considering the chains that hold you in that place and if any Spirits stop you the curse of God the Father +, the Son +, and the Holy Spirit +, and the indignation of the most Holy Trinity, of all the angels of all the celestial court will fall and descend upon you who are rebellious against God.

Now no Spirit is to be found here, by the Son of the All-Powerful God, the immeasurable Jesus Christ, Most High, who reigns forever and to the ages of ages, Amen.


It is necessary that the Master, who has the intention to use the Book of Evocations, have the strong assurance of success, that he banishes from himself any disbelief, that he performs the conjurations with a resolution such that, whatever fearful thing happens, he will not be shocked in the least.

He must also, above all, never leave the circle, whether the Spirits have appeared or not, without having first given them license to depart, because to do so is dangerous.

If he desires to be a wise magician, he will always stay on guard against the wiles of the Spirits.

He must never make an illicit pact with them.

Final recommendation: that he is always strongly in command, without fear or apprehension.





Take the brain of a cock, and some powder from the tomb of a man: specifically the dust that touches the coffin. Also have oil of almonds and virgin wax.

Blend these together and wrap the mixture in virgin parchment on which you will write these two words: Gomert Kailoeth, with the following characters:

Fig. 12

Burn everything.

You will see wonderful things.

Essential recommendation: this operation must not be done by the fearful.


To make them come to your chamber after supper.


You must remain three days without indulging in the secret vice, and thus your spirit will be elevated. The fourth day, in the morning, as soon as you are dressed, you must scrupulously clean and prepare your chamber, fasting all the while. This must be done in such a way that it will not be disturbed the rest of the day, and you must be certain that there is nothing hanging or hookedup, such as tapestries, clothing, hats, bird cages, bed curtains, etc. Above all, put white bedsheets on your bed.


After supper, retire secretly to your chamber, which has been prepared as specified above. Light a good fire, lay a white cloth on the table, arrange


three chairs around it, and by each seat place a wheat roll and a glass full of clear and fresh water, then put a chair or an armchair next to the bed.

This being observed, go to bed and speak the following words:


Besticitum consolatio veni ad me vertit Creon, Creon, Creon, cantor laudem omnipotentis et non commentur. Stat superior carta bient laudem omviestra principiem da montem et inimicos meos o prostantis vobis et mihi dantes quo passium fieri sin cisibilis.

The three persons having arrived, they will seat themselves before the fire, drink, eat, and then thank him or her who received them:

If it is a young lady who has performed the operation, there will come three gentlemen; if it is a man, there will appear three young ladies. These three persons, male or female, will cast lots among themselves to know which of them will remain with you. That whom the lots have chosen will sit in the chair that you have placed next to the bed and will hold conversation with you until midnight. At that hour, he or she will leave with his or her companions, without need of being dismissed. The two other Spirits will remain beside the fire during the time their companion entertains you.