Grimoire of Pope Honorius III
Papal Magic: Occult Practices Within the Catholic Church

Peter Levenda
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Papal Magic Occult Practices Within the Catholic Church

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Section II: Grimoire of Pope Honorius III 97

Foreword 99

The Evocation of the Spirits of

the Seven Days 111

Collection of the Rarest Secrets of

the Magical Art 126

Magic Secrets and Counter-Charms 154

Appendix: The Tables of the Planetary

Hours According to Agrippa 183

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Grimoire of Pope Honorius III

With a collection of the greatest secrets of the magical art

And practices

Against evil spells

Rome, 1670


Having summoned magicians from every corner of the world, Honorius the Great asked them to come to Rome, in safety, which could not be done without great difficulty, as much for the insecurity of the roads as for the wickedness of the spirits. They were, in effect, attacked by rains and horrible snows in the countryside before they could arrive in Rome, where they met, all together in that place.

One of these was Hierosme Adam, who came from the Duchy of Milan, where he lived in a thick forest. After the conjuration of the Book of Conjurations, he himself, in Rome, performed this operation of conversing with spirits.


This must be done immediately after the consecration of the Bread and Wine1.

One says the following words:

I conjure you, O Book, that you be profitable to those who use you in all their affairs + I conjure you, by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, that is contained in the chalice, that you be good to them who read you.

It is necessary to conjure and exorcise the present Book in the above fashion three times in honor of the Very Holy Trinity, after finishing



For every evocation of a spirit, you must be enclosed within a circle. Say the following formula:

I make the circle to control and restrain the Evil One, in the name of the Father +, and the Son +, and the Holy Spirit +, so that it will be impossible for him to penetrate the circle, so that he will be unable to harm anyone whatsoever.


Evidently by the priest celebrating Mass.


Fig. 1

This circle and those that follow are to be traced on the ground with charcoal of the willow tree or, barring that, with chalk.

The names of the hours and the Angels that preside over them will be found in the Ritual of High Magic by H. C. Agrippa.[2] GENERAL CONJURATION OF THE SPIRITS

In the name of the Father + and of the Son + and of the Holy Spirit. Rise, spirits by the virtue and strength of your King, by the seven crowns of your Kings, and by the chains with which all the Spirits of Hell are constrained.

You are compelled, N. [indicate the name of the Spirit desired], to come before me, outside the circle, to answer my questions, to make and to accomplish all that I will ask of you according to the power that has been given to me.4 Come now, Spirits, from the East and the West, to make N. come before me. Spirits, I conjure you and command you by the virtue and power of He who is in Three Persons co-eternal and co-equal, who is God invisible and consubstantial, who has created heaven and earth and all things that are in them by a single Word.

After this general conjuration make the four following conjurations, which are: the first to the King of the East, the second to the King of the West, the third to the King of the South, the fourth to the King of the North.


O Maimon, very powerful King of the East, I call you and invoke you to this holy work that I do. I conjure you by the power of all the names of Divinity and, by virtue of the Most High, I command you to send me promptly and without delay N. to answer to all that I may ask of him or to come yourself to satisfy my will. If you do


Supposedly, by the fact of his ordination.

not do this promptly I will constrain you by the virtue and the power of God. I will force you to come and respond to all that I wish of you.


O King Amaymon, very victorious, who reigns at Noon, I call you and invoke you by all the holy names of God. Come with all your power and hasten to send me N. before the circle, else I constrain you by the virtue and the power of the Divine Majesty, by the virtue of the Most Holy and Most Supreme. Quickly satisfy my will and cause no trouble, or come yourself to respond favorably to all that I ask.


O King Paymon, most strong, who reigns over and dominates the Western Lands, I call you by all the names of the Divinity and I conjure you to send me N. promptly before the circle that it will answer to all that I shall demand. If you do not do this, I will torment you with the sword of divine fire and increase your sufferings.


O Egin, King and Emperor of the Northern Parts, I call and invoke you, I exorcise and conjure you, by the strength of the Creator and by the virtue of all virtues. I wish that you are not late to send to me, in fair and human form,

N. . . .

Having called twice, you will then say:

Come, give the honor that you must to the true and living God, your Creator, in the name of the Father + and of the Son + and of the Holy Spirit +. Come now and be obedient before the circle, without danger to me either of body or of spirit. Come in human and fair form and, no less terrible, by all the divine names I adjure you, that you are summoned to come here immediately. Thesiel Barachiel, if you do not come promptly Bolcades suspensus vis ava achare pergalium gaspar, conaootum enim siribam toitee N. . . . I exorcise you +. In invoking you, I command you by the power of the one Living God +, the one True God + and by the power of the Holy Spirit +, thus by the virtue of He who spoke and all things were created: heaven, earth, the sea, the deeps, and all that are in them; I adjure you by the Father + by the Son + by the Holy Spirit + and by the Holy Trinity and by the God that none may resist, to whose empire I will make you yield. I conjure you by God the Father + by God the Son + by God the Holy Spirit +, by the mother of Jesus Christ, eternal virgin, by her holiness, by her purity, by her virginity, by her fertility, by her childbirth, by her virginal loins and by her holy breasts, by her holy entrails, by the most holy milk with which the son of the eternal Father was nourished, by her holy soul and by all the precious members of that virgin and by all her sorrows, passions, afflictions, labors and resentments that she suffered during which her dear Son cried, during the time of the sorrowful passion on the tree of the cross and by all the holy, sacred things that are offered, as much in heaven as on earth, in the honor of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the most blessed Virgin Mary, his mother, and by all that has been celebrated in the Church in honor of God, finally by all the holy Masses and by the mysteries and signs of the Cross.


The conjurations having been said, if the requested spirit appears, you must make him sign this Book with the promise to return every time you call him. Then, giving him some gift, you will send him away, saying:

Depart in peace, without harm to anyone, and be always prepared, each day and each hour, for whenever I shall summon you.

Then, it is necessary to recite the Gospel of St. John, from the beginning.

If the Spirits are rebellious and do not appear, it is necessary to perform the following exorcism.


We, made in the image and likeness of God, endowed with the strength of God and made by His will, we exorcise you N. by the all-powerful, most strong and admirable name of God El and we command you by He who spoke and it was done, and by all the names of God, by the names Adonay, El, Elohim, Elohe, Zebaoth, Elion, Escherie, Iah, Tetragrammaton, Saday, Lord God Most High. We command you with all power to appear before us immediately outside this circle, in a fair form, that is to say human and without deformity or defect. Come, then, because we command you by the name Y and V that Adam heard and spoke, and by the name of God AGLA that Jacob heard the angel speak with whom he struggled and by which he was delivered from the hand of his brother Esau, and by the name Anephexeton that Aaron heard and which he spoke and was made wise, and by the name Zebaoth that Moses spoke and at which immediately all the rivers and swamps of Egypt were turned to blood, by the name Eserchie Oreston that Moses spoke and which made all the rivers disgorge the frogs that invaded the houses of the Egyptians, destroying everything, and by the name Elion that Moses spoke and which made hail fall such as has never been seen since the beginning of the world, and by the name Adonay that Moses pronounced and which produced that enormous quantity of locusts that appeared in Egypt and which devoured that which the hail had not destroyed, and by the name Iehemes, Amathia that Joshua called that stopped the sun, and by the name Alpha and Omega that Daniel spoke by which he destroyed Bel and killed the Dragon, and by the name Emmanuel that the three children, Sidrach, Misach and Abdenago sang in the fiery furnace and by which they were delivered, and by Agios and the throne of Adonay, and by Otheos Ischiros Athanatos Paracletus and by these three secret names: Agla, On, Tetragrammaton, I conjure you and call you to witness, and by all the names, and by all the other names of Our all powerful, true and living Lord God, you who by your sins have been cast out, thrown into the inferno, we exorcise you and strongly command you by He who spoke and all was created, to whom all creatures obey. And by the terrible judgments of God who is to be feared. And by His sea which is an element on which no one can rely, transparent like glass, which is in the presence of the divine majesty ready to rise up according to the power that God will give it. And the four animals T who are on the steps of the throne of the divine majesty, who have eyes before and behind. And by the fire that encircles His throne. And by the Holy Angels of the places T. And by that which is called the Church of the Most Powerful God.

We summon you, with all the power of our will, to appear to us before this circle and to obey all that pleases us, by the throne of Balbachia and by the name Primeumaton that Moses pronounced and which sent to the depths of the abyss Datan, Core and Abiron. And in virtue of the name Primeumaton all the heavenly army is compelled. We curse you, deprive you of all offices and functions and all the pleasures that you may have.

We relegate you to the eternal fire and in the pool of fire and sulphur, to the deepest abyss and to the last day of judgment, if you do not appear before us, on the field, before the Circle in order to do our will in every thing.

Come by these names: Adonay, Zebaoth, Adonay, Amioram. Come, Adonay. Saday commands you, he, the King of Kings, the most powerful, the most fearful, from which no creature may escape his forces and his strength.

If you persist in your extreme obstinacy and if you do not appear on the field before the Circle, friendly and courteous, you will not be able to withstand the miserable and lamentable ruin and a fire that will never be extinguished.

Come, now, in the name of Adonay, Zebaoth, Adonay, Amioram. Come, come by Adonay, Saday, the King of Kings, Et Aty, Tilep, Azia, Hyn, Jen, Minosel, Achadan, Vay, Vaa, Eye, Haa, Eye, Exe a, El, El, El, a Hy, Hau, Hau, Hau, Va, Va, Va, Va.


One must have the Pentacle of Solomon, ready to show the Spirits as soon as they appear.

Say the following words:

Do not be in the least obstinate to my wishes. Be welcome, noble kings and generous princes, to provide as much as I have forced you by the virtue and strength of Him in the name of whom every knee bends, who reigns over every kingdom, who does not allow any creature to resist his strength and virtue.

I force you to remain fast and stable, and not to leave until you have accomplished my will in every respect.

I force you anew, by the virtue of He who set the limits of the sea that has never exceeded and which, subject to this law, has never dared to oppose the divine Will. This is the strength of the Most High God, King and Lord, who has cre-

ated all things. Amen, in the name of the Father +, and of the Son +, and of the Holy Spirit +.

Return, now, to your domains and let there be peace between us. Such is my decision.

Then show the Pentacle of Solomon, saying these words:

Be ready to come and to appear every time I shall call you.


This pentacle is made of virgin parchment. It is consecrated with the Host. It is the verdict and the condemnation of the Spirits. It serves when they are rebellious and do not wish to reveal the truth of any message. It serves, also, to send them back; one shows it while saying the words: Here is your judgment.