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I have published 12 books so far since 1994 when the rack-size Unholy Alliance first came out in an Avon paperback.   It went out of print at the time HarperCollins took over, and then was reissued in 2002 by Continuum with the terrific foreword by Norman Mailer, and has been translated into half a dozen languages so far.

Since then:

Sinister Forces (volume 1):  2005

Sinister Forces (volume 2): 2005

Sinister Forces (volume 3): 2006

These three volumes are really one, very big, book that had to be split into three volumes due to size.  The story begins with American prehistory and the idea that America may have been settled by voyagers from Asia, Europe and Africa long before Columbus and then goes into a major investigation of all we think we know about American history, ranging from Operation Paperclip to the Kennedy assassinations, the Manson Family,  the UFO phenomenon and its connection to intelligence operations, Hollywood, mind control, etc. and all with substantial documentation.   Norman Mailer had a tough time with the trilogy because there was just too much information; but then, he had a similar reaction to Unholy Alliance!

The Mao of Business: 2007

This is my take on doing business in China, based on my thirty years of experience dealing with China trade starting in 1984.  I chose the title as a tongue-in-cheek allusion to all those “Tao of Business” type books written by people who had never negotiated a contract in China.  I have — a lot — and for anyone who is interested in how business is done in that country (and who wants some stereotypes dispelled) this is the book to read before you read all the others.

Stairway to Heaven: 2008

Essentially my master’s thesis, greatly expanded.  I noticed that many religions around the world had developed a kind of mystical relationship with Ursa Major and I felt this was a key towards understanding ritual practices in China, India, Africa, and even the Mithraic cult.

The Secret Temple: 2009

My book on Freemasonry including a kind of deconstruction of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado.”

Tantric Temples: 2011

A large, colorful, heavily illustrated book on the mysterious temples of Indonesia.  These are found everywhere on the islands and represent Buddhist and “Hindu” influence when Indonesia was at one time considered just an extension of India itself.  More than 150 full color photos taken by myself of these temples, plus a history of Tantra and an explanation of the Tantric mysteries culminating in a study of how Tantric ideas influenced western esotericism.

Ratline: 2012

Also due to my many visits to Indonesia, this book concentrates on the bizarre story of an Austrian Nazi who fled to a remote island in the archipelago along with his famous anthropologist wife.  It was inspired by the rumors throughout Indonesia that this weird little man with the Charlie Chaplin moustache was really Adolf Hitler.

The Angel and the Sorcerer: 2012

My book on Mormonism.  A controversial book in some circles! I look at Mormonism as a kind of initiatory society and interpret Mormonism as a form of western alchemy; at the same time, I recall the history of the Church as well as its politics.

The Dark Lord: 2013

This is about the influence of Lovecraftian ideas on the Typhonian Order of British occultist Kenneth Grant.  You may be surprised at the stunning correspondences between the fictional work of Lovecraft and the magical writings of Aleister Crowley.

The Hitler Legacy: 2014

My latest work: a study of the post-war Nazi Underground and its influence over present-day Middle Eastern terrorism.  Certain to be controversial, it suggests that groups like Al-Qaeda have their roots in ODESSA and in the networks created and organized by men like Otto Skorzeny and Hand-Ulrich Rudel.  It even insists that our current experience of “global jihad” has its origins not in Islam but in the idea of an obscure German amateur archaeologist.

The Tantric Alchemist: (planned for 2015)

A work that analyzes the writings of Welsh alchemist Thomas Vaughan from the perspective of Asian Tantra.  I was amazed when I discovered how to decode western alchemical writings using Tantric concepts!

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  1. Dear Peter Levenda ,
    A short remark concerning your book “Sinister ForcesIII. At the beginning of the book you talk about Fritz Langs Movie M and Peter Lorre whom you call a hungarian actor. I know it is in some way nitty picky but Peter Lorre like the composer Franz List had german speaking parents and also grew up with german as their mother tongue . Peter Lorre was born in the Austrian Hungarian Monarchy and visited a german speaking primary school and when he was nine he moved to Vienna with his family, so one cannot call him a real hungarian . I just wanted to mention this apart from that this Sinsiter Forces Trilogy books are really fascinating to read thanks a lot for that.

    Best regards from Vienna ,

    William Gabriel

  2. Dear Peter Levenda, I have not even finished your book ‘Ratline’, but cannot help to mention this fact to you: Gerard Anton Poch and his wife Hella are a very strange and sinister couple. What you write about them and their escape journey is very convincing. But the name Poch does ring a bell, especially for people in the Netherlands who interested in Latin-American history. One of the pilots of the so caled death flights in the seventies and eighties of the last century in Argentina is Julio Alberto Poch! He was a Transavia-pilot. For more information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_flights

    Maybe a new lead?!

    harry prins

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