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Proposal upon which the Book is to be based

  • A pop culture easy to read “guide to” the Da Vinci Code (DVC) by Dan Brown to help all the purchasers of DVC who have no idea whether it’s based on accurate research or not.
  • Focus on the “facts” underlying DVC and compare it to historical research in those areas (e.g. Priory of Sion, Templars, Roslyn, Grail, Opus Dei, etc.).
  • Each of the various topics could be a chapter, with the gospel according to Dan Brown analyzed by Martin.
  • Small format – maybe even smaller than 8×5”
  • No more than 200 pages.
  • Some illustrations and/or photos (at least one per subject), but library or Public Domain.
  • The following material should be covered, written in the order in which it is first mentioned in the DVC:
    • (Jacques Saunière). Perhaps the story of Bérenger Saunière should start the book off as theories connected to it resonate throughout the book.
    • Opus Dei. They mention the New York and London offices, but the order started in Spain.
    • The Priory of Sion and information on the Plantard St Clairs.
    • Analyses of the Madonna of the Rocks and the Virgin of the Rocks.
    • Holy Grail theories including the alleged Holy Grail chalice in Valencia Cathedral, Spain.
    • Emperor Constantine including details on the Donation of Constantine.
    • The marriage of Christ including marriage customs of the time.
    • Mediterranean churches with Mary Magdalene references to the sea etc. (Madonna of the Sea)
    • Benjamin and Davidic bloodlines
    • Dagobert story
    • Atbash cipher
    • Baphomet
    • Fibonacci Numbers and The Golden Section in Art, Architecture and Music
    • Secret Societies and the Origins of Tarot
    • The Vitruvian Man • Leonardo Da Vinci
    • Compass Rose
    • Wind Rose
    • Virgin of the Rocks & Madonna of the Rocks
    • History of the Vatican Observatory and Its Castel Gandolfo Headquarters
    • Cryptology
    • The Last Supper
    • The Gnostic Gospels
    • Definition of Sang Real • Royal Blood
    • Merovingian Bloodline
    • Knights Templar & Priory of Sion
    • La Pyramide Inversee
    • Places visited:
      • Eglise de Saint-Sulpice
      • Rue Haxo in Paris
      • Chateau Villette near Paris Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan
      • Temple Church in London
      • King’s College theological database in London
      • Westminster Abbey
      • Newton tomb
      • Chapter House
      • St Faith’s Chapel
      • Rosslyn Chapel